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sometimes-theskyis-pianoblack said: omg put the rest of the photos up pls :D Again, I must say that your photos are beautiful :) you're welcome and you're very talented

Thank you

Video 30 Aug 2 notes

Final days together, Berlin.

Video 30 Aug

Snows around! Berlin

Video 30 Aug 1 note

Berlin at night. 

Video 28 Apr 1 note

Berlin things, Berlin, Germany.

Video 28 Apr 1 note

Deer Farm! Denmark

Video 28 Apr

Challenge accepted, Kronburg, Denmark. 

Video 28 Apr

When children become vikings. 

Video 28 Apr

When Sweden was out the window, Kronburg, Denmark. 

Video 28 Apr

Kronburg Castle Chapel, Kronburg, Denmark. 

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